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 join the team flaming odst staff

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flaming odst
flaming odst

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PostSubject: join the team flaming odst staff   join the team flaming odst staff Icon_minitimeTue Dec 21, 2010 8:01 pm

you can be accepted or not it all depends on your reputation or how much we know you (for protection reasons)


you get 10000cr a mission + the reward

the blue flaming helmet on the flaming odst game

you get to help us edit and add new stuff that regular members dont get to do you get the bungie rank symbol as your rank and not the other ranks or the flaming odst staff rank instead or co-bungie rank.

your name will be gold on the web site

you get to be more better than anyone else

and more

want to sign up post your gamertag, name, and stuff about you

Arrow FLAMING ODST creater Arrow

join the team flaming odst staff Come_a13
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join the team flaming odst staff
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