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 Spartans of the UNSC

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PostSubject: Spartans of the UNSC   Spartans of the UNSC Icon_minitimeWed Dec 29, 2010 5:52 pm

Death is the most common thing in the military. No matter what kind of Military Occupation Specialty you have, death will still stare you in the eyes. But what does death mean to our brothers in arms? What does it mean to our Spartans? Honor. We have fought long and hard against the Covenant. Those who have died in battle will be remembered greatly. But still, life must go on. Do you know how many people is needed to make a difference? Just one. Every war have their heros. We rely on them greatly to win the next war. But what if they face death? That is when UNSC replace them with fresh out of training, disciplined soldiers who are ready to avenge their fallen brothers. To us all UNSC personnel, we spit on defeat and raise the flag of our fathers. But who is the leader who would be the first to charge into battle but the last to leave? It is for you to decide.

The Covenant have really put a great impact in our forces. Are you ma enough to protect your own flesh and blood? Or fall to the wrath of the hated alien creatures who have interupted our lifestyle. But we also have new threat at hand. A parasitic life form known as "The Flood" have spread quickly throughout planets near the artificial world ring of "Halo." Be on high alert for such life forms and high security procautions are recommended.

Military & Projects

UNSC (United Nation Space Command)
Sub-branch: Special Operation
Sub-branch: Special Operations of Naval & Space Combat
Sub-branch: Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (Helljumpers)

ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence)
Project "SPARTAN"- SPARTAN Class 1-3
Project "MJOLNIR"- MJOLNIR Mark 1-7

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Spartans of the UNSC
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