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 Spartan Noble 96

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Noble 96
Noble 96

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PostSubject: Spartan Noble 96   Spartan Noble 96 Icon_minitimeWed Dec 29, 2010 6:01 pm

Name: Noble

Service Tag: 96

Age: 22

Gender: male

Height: 6.8 feet

Colour: main: White
second: red

Personality: Quiet

Level/Rank: UNSC Spartan

Background: Born on planet Earth in th year 2530. Noble's perants were killed after a Elite came into their house. After that he was all alone and swore to avenge his perants death.he went to milatary school when he was 15 years old.he specialized in close combat and heavy weapons.he went rouge and went on a killing spree.since then he has been undergoing serions phiciological treatmen and has fully recovered.

he underwent spartan training at the late age of 18.he was cleared for duty at the age of 20. He won many battles until he saw the same elite that killed is perants. After that he become a lone wolf did'nt want anyone to be in his way he did'nt care what happend to any of his friend. Untill he became the leader of his new team O-beta. Skillz whas the heavy weapons specilst. Shots whas the sniper.

Skill Assessment: Most used weapon SHOTGUN, good in medium range.

Sample Post:

Shots: Where hell is he!?!
Skillz: I don't no he is always late!
Shots: Well he better be here befor that turret blastes us into pieces.
Shots: Your late again.
Noble: I no, but I saved you did'nt I?
Skillz: Well he did save us.
Noble: Thank you Skillz looks like someone respecs his Commander.
Shots: Well we better report back to command, you now mad Joshua gets if were late.
Noble: OK, OK , I will contact command.
Noble: Damn it!!! The signel is scrammbled we my have to find our own way back.
Skillz: I now where a warthog is, I saw a few spartans leaveing it there.
Noble: Ok, lets go get it.
after they find it.
Skillz: There it is!
Shots: WOW, Dibbs gunner seat! (then runs infront of us to get warthog)
Skillz: Shots! cov'ies, fire fire!!
Shots: Ok, Ok!
Noble: Where almost there.
Shots: Good, your driving is not so good.
Skillz: Sorry Noble but I agree.
Noble: Yea, Yea. where here.
Skillz: Are we going to command?
Noble: Yes, but You and Shots are going to Ancor 9.
Skillz: But the Covenant owns it now.
Noble: I now thats what you and Shots are going to take care of.
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Spartan Noble 96
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