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 spartan 067 shots

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PostSubject: spartan 067 shots   spartan 067 shots Icon_minitimeThu Dec 30, 2010 10:25 am


Service Tag:jc67


Gender: male

Height: 7.4feet

Colour: primary:black

Personality: outgoing,sometimes funny,patient

Level/Rank: UNSC Spartan

Background:born on reach in 2524.was recruited for spartan training at the age of 6.trained to be a scout and support sniper graduated at the age of 16.never really wanted to be in a team or squad and was usually sent on scouting missions behind enemy lines. received the rank of UNSC spartan at the age of 20.

has competed in many marksman competition and was only bested by jun.he was assigned to o-bet team at the age of 28.has found new friendship with the rest of o-beta team. he is still used for lone scouting missions.

Skill Assessment:skilled marksman,good close to medium ranged combat,some hand to hand combat experience.

Sample Post:alone.one spartan against 3 squads of elite generals
shots:"stay right there reinforcements will be there soon","we'll pick you up soon" yea right. at least they dropped me some ammo.
(puts a full clip in sniper rifle)
shots:here they come.
(kills an elite)
noble:ready to get out of here?
shots:your late for the party
(kills two more elites)
noble:get in now
(shots gets in side seat and kills another elite)
noble:next stop home
(flies away and an airstrike kills all of the other elites)

cheers Cool cheers
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spartan 067 shots
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