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 Bungie Weekly Update: 03/25/2011

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Bungie Weekly Update: 03/25/2011 Empty
PostSubject: Bungie Weekly Update: 03/25/2011   Bungie Weekly Update: 03/25/2011 Icon_minitimeThu Apr 14, 2011 8:35 pm

Bungie weekly update:

Quote :
A dark pestilence has descended upon the studio – a grotesque blight that has corrupted my own dear and now traitorous respiratory system into a sickly state of maximum phlegm overdrive. And yet, I type for you, here on the precipice of a feverish swoon that threatens to end me. Word is that at least twenty other of my cohorts have also fallen into suboptimal states of health.

Yesterday, in a foiled attempt to keep mind and spirit elevated, I fruitlessly scoured the kitchen for a packet of Emergen-C, only to find one of the animators happily rapping said packet across his knuckles near the water cooler. When interrogated as to the source, he claimed (quite dubiously) to have been given the precious medicine by another, whose identity he conveniently could not, or would not, produce.

We have hoarders in our midst, friends, as if the apocalypse has arrived to cast the ideals of our Bellevue commune aside in favor of baser instincts governed only by self-preservation.

Mumbling, the skulking animator darted back to his pod to sup his snake oil, leaving me to divine my own miracle cure from the large variety of non-medicinal beverages we keep stocked in the fridge. I elected to imbibe juniper berry flavored water and consume some of JimmyB’s ma’s homemade Irish soda bread. While both were indeed nutritious, and better yet, absolutely delicious, neither was able to successfully break my fever.

Perhaps I deserve this. Perhaps my sickness was carried upon the dark wings of this week’s Challenge – a LASO run of the campaign level, Tip of the Spear. I did bear witness to an unusually high volume of unbridled rage spewing out from players failing to push, prod, wedge, and jam Falcons through a merciless gauntlet of Covenant anti-aircraft fire. After reading some of the venomous post-game commentary, it’s easy to imagine someone out there deliberately pushing, prodding, wedging, and jamming long, sharp pins into the soft, unprotected underbelly of an Urk-shaped ragdoll.

Please. No more. I can bear it no longer.
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Bungie Weekly Update: 03/25/2011
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